The Christ Hospital Offers New Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Among First in Nation to Use FDA-Approved Inspire® Therapy

 Cincinnati (Oct. 21, 2014) – The Christ Hospital is among the first in the nation to provide a new treatment for obstructive sleep apnea recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Inspire® therapy uses a first-of-its-kind technology clinically proven to significantly reduce sleep apnea events and improve daytime functioning.
“Inspire® therapy is one of the most promising treatments for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea in more than two decades,” said Joseph Hellmann, MD, a surgeon with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Ear, Nose & Throat. “This is a major advancement for patients who do not get good results from a CPAP machine while they try to sleep.”
Obstructive sleep apnea affects an estimated 18 million Americans. It occurs when the tongue and other soft tissues relax during sleep and obstruct the airway. Without fresh air, the oxygen in the blood decreases. The brain senses a problem and rouses the body from sleep just long enough to open the airway. The cycle typically repeats throughout the night, causing recurrent awakening. Sleep apnea can lead to daytime sleepiness or fatigue, and can also increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, weight gain and high blood pressure.
Inspire® therapy is a small, fully-implanted system that senses breathing patterns and delivers mild stimulation to key airway muscles, which keeps the airway open during sleep. Patients can manage Inspire® therapy themselves using a small, handheld remote control. The remote allows patients to turn the device on and off, as well as adjust the strength of stimulation within a range preset by the doctor.
Inspire® is similar to a pacemaker and consists of three components: a small pulse generator, a sensing lead and a stimulation lead. Inspire® therapy is much less invasive than other surgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnea and does not require removing or permanently altering a patient’s facial or airway anatomy. Results of clinical research published in the Jan. 9, edition of the New England Journal of Medicine showed that Inspire® therapy reduced sleep apnea events by 68 percent and significantly improved key quality of life measures.
The public is invited to a free community health talk on Inspire® therapy given by Dr. Hellman, followed by a question and answer session with Dr. Hellmann and sleep specialists.
•When: Wednesday, Oct. 22, 6 – 7 p.m.
•Where: Cincinnati Marriott North at Union Center (6189 Mulhauser Road, West Chester, OH)
•How: Registration for the event is required by calling 855-710-4677.
•What: The event will cover how the Inspire therapy treats sleep apnea and how to know if you might be a good candidate for Inspire® therapy.
            For more information on Inspire® therapy, call TriState Pulmonary at 513-419-1106, the Sleep Management Institute at 513-721-SLEEP, or visit
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