JoAnna L. English, MD

JoAnna L. English, MD


Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. English is a general cardiologist, and she also specializes in nuclear medicine. Basically, she's a specialist in internal medicine in the area of the heart. "I diagnose heart conditions and order studies to evaluate the heart and then I interpret them, so I can sort out what kind of medical problems patients are having."

Dr. English decided to become a doctor when she was a little girl growing up in Columbus, OH. She had one of those little plastic toy doctor bags with the pretend pills and the stethoscope. At age four, she just announced to her parents that she was going to be a doctor when she grew up.

She attended medical school at Ohio State and did her residency at Wright-Patterson Medical Center in Dayton, OH. She followed that with a fellowship at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas when she was in the Air Force. Then she joined Ohio Heart and Vascular Center right out of the military in 2002.

At Wright-Patterson Medical Center, Dr. English met an attending physician who inspired her career. "When I was an internal medicine resident in the military, I didn't really know what area I wanted to go into-whether I wanted to be general internist, or if I wanted to specialize. But I had this one attendant who just loved cardiology. He really inspired me. He was the whole reason why I went into cardiology. He just was so in love with being a heart doctor."

She and her husband, David Young, love the outdoors. They run in short races, the 5k and the 10k. They go skiing, hiking and travel to the national parks. Recently, they went on a white water rafting trip to the Grand Canyon. "We actually got to go right into the Canyon where we camped and did white water rafting, and then we hiked out of Canyon at the end. It was the full experience."

They're also very active as members of the Epiphany United Methodist Church. They are both involved in a program called Stephen Ministries, serving people within the church and the community who need spiritual and emotional support.

Dr. English has never regretted her childhood decision to become a doctor. She loves interacting with her patients. "Just listening to them and feeling like you're improving their quality of life. You know, when they feel better, it makes you feel better."

Practice Name

  • The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ohio Heart & Vascular


  • Female

Languages Spoken

  • English

Board Certification

  • Am Bd of Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Disease)


  • Ohio State University College of Medicine(Professional Education)
  • Wright Patterson AFB(Internship Program)
  • Wright Patterson AFB(Residency Program)
  • Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center(Fellowship Program)

Primary Location

The Christ Hospital Outpatient Center - Green Township