MonaLisa Touch - ​The New Laser Therapy for Vaginal and Vulvar Atrophy

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The Christ Hospital was the first hospital in the United States to acquire this technology. Dr. Mickey Karram (Urogynecologist at The Christ Hospital) was the principal investigator for the first U.S. clinical trial of Mona Lisa Touch™ for vaginal and vulvar atrophy, and is currently the lead investigator in the U.S. on a variety of upcoming research studies.

What is vaginal and vulvar atrophy?
What treatments are available for vaginal atrophy?
What is the MonaLisa Touch™ Therapy?
How successful is the therapy?
How many treatments are necessary?
Is the treatment painful?
Are there any post-treatment restrictions?
Are there any side effects or complications?
How much does the procedure cost and why is it not covered by insurance?